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This Year's Holiday Decor Mood Boards

Updated: May 20

It’s time to deck the halls! This year’s decorating trends range from natural and traditional elements to fun and unique pops of color. Check out our holiday decor mood boards to guide your decorating this year!


Classic Christmas decor evokes a warm and festive atmosphere with traditional elements that have stood the test of time. This decor embraces timeless nostalgia with bright reds, greens, and golds while creating a festive and welcoming atmosphere!


Gold & Glittering decor adds a touch of luxury, elegance, and sophistication to your holiday setting. The metallic touches bring a sense of glamour and warmth, creating a festive and visually striking environment that exudes holiday splendor.


Blue Christmas decor can evoke a serene and elegant atmosphere, reminiscent of winter skies and frosty landscapes. Find velvet and icy blue elements which will create a tranquil and sophisticated holiday ambiance, offering a refreshing departure from the traditional red and green palette. The cool tones and wintry elements come together to evoke a sense of enchantment.


Retro Christmas decor takes inspiration from the styles of the past, often embracing the nostalgic charm of mid-century designs. The bright color pallet with touches of sparkles results in a festive and jolly ambiance that pays homage to the holiday celebrations of yesteryear.


Moody rustic Christmas decor combines the warmth and charm of a rustic cabin with a subdued and cozy color palette. The use of elements from nature, muted colors, distressed metal, and cozy textures help evoke a sense of tranquility during the festive holiday season.


An ornamental orange Christmas decor theme is lively, refreshing, and sure to bring a burst of energy to your holiday celebrations. Whether it's the citrus-inspired ornaments or the warm glow of gold lights, this theme creates a warm, vibrant and inviting atmosphere throughout your home with a touch of citrusy cheer.

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