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Phil Maisano

PA Realtor®

Phil Maisano is a specialist renowned for his exceptional talent in sourcing prime deals and orchestrating the sale of exclusive new construction luxury homes, multifamily properties, and commercial real estate assets. Notably, Phil embarked on his entrepreneurial journey on the very first day of the COVID-19 pandemic, demonstrating remarkable resilience and determination. Today, he stands as a multi-million-dollar agent, ranking within the top 5% of real estate professionals in Philadelphia. Guided by the discipline and tenacity cultivated during his distinguished service in the U.S. Air Force, Phil excels in underwriting and investment deal origination. His methodical approach, strategic acumen, and unwavering attention to detail enable him to deftly assess risks and identify highly profitable opportunities. Phil's adeptness at deciphering complex market trends is a testament to his extensive analysis experience and military background. Leveraging his expansive network and insider insights within the industry, Phil possesses an uncanny ability to uncover unparalleled investment openings, translating to increased prosperity for both his firm and his valued clients. With a robust foundation in Real Estate, Phil has emerged as a trusted authority, offering an unparalleled perspective and invaluable expertise to the realm of finance. His journey from a pandemic's onset to becoming a multi-million-dollar agent in the upper echelons of Philadelphia's real estate market is a testament to his exceptional skill, dedication, and success.

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Connecting with a real estate agent is the first step towards finding your dream home or making a successful property transaction. Whether you're a buyer, seller, or investor, I provide personalized service and expertise in the local market, ensuring a seamless and satisfying real estate experience. | 856.426.4075 | @pmaisanore

Phil Maisano
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